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GrandMa2 OnPC Road Case System's

GrandMa2 OnPc Road Case System


Our GrandMa2 OnPC Road Case system was designed to adapt the needs of as many users as posable. This road case combined with a basic doghouse and rack allows you to adapt and fit endless gear and upgrades. The front dual rack provides ideal space for computers, keyboards or storage drawers. The rear rack leaves room for power and connection ports. This system will help you set up quickly and effectively.


How Many rack units do you need in your grandMA2 OnPc Road Case?

Most users are satisfied with the basic 2U Dual rack in front and 4U Dual rack in rear. The systems designed to allow enough space to install a computer in the front leaving enough room for the breakout panel in the rear. This combination will allow you to essentially integrate all of your rig into one quick and easy to set up the system.

Some users have had special requirements their systems had to meet. For these people we adapter our road case to fit their needs. We added shelves to fit the Microsoft Surface. We designed a triple wide to accommodate a 2nd Fader wing. Some users wanted a more compact system so we built only 1 rack unit for a sleek design. 

We are open to your ideas of how this system can evolve. Feel free to email us with your ideas and we will find a way to accommodate your needs.