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St. Louis Case - Road Case Design and manufacturing.


The story goes like this – Once upon a time, there was a highly successful sound & light company that had a bunch of stuff.  This bunch of stuff was used A LOT and getting banged around and broken.  So, the highly successful sound & lighting company owner decided to start building road cases himself.  This didn’t go so well - the cases were not good.  They were made out of scraps, toothpicks, bubble gum, particleboard and pretty much anything else they had lying around.  They did not hold up well to regular use and abuse.   Obviously, he needed better cases, so he bought a table saw and some plywood.  While better than the toothpick and bubble gum cases, these new cases were still not what he had in mind.  After trying twice and coming up short twice, he decided to set his sights on building the “mother of all cases”.  To do this would require a new workshop, a CNC machine, and some pretty skilled elves.  He found the machine and built a sweet shop……as for the elves, he recruited a few guys with a TON of experience and dedication, with a vision of designing and building awesome road cases.  And that’s what they did.  And, still do.  Now you know how ST. LOUIS CASE became “the place for the case”.  


In 2006 a group of highly skilled technicians decided to strike out on their own and begin manufacturing road cases of original design.  Only a few years later, ST. LOUIS CASE had a new shop and CNC router as the result of their hard work, dedication and subsequent growth.

In 2015, ST. LOUIS CASE partnered with legendary industry giant BARRY CASES, INC.  Jay Barry’s legacy included 45 years of making cases for everyone from Kiss and their world tour in 1977 (see THE VAULT), to local music store owners and musicians right here in St. Louis, MO.  The BARRY CASE legacy and the current, modern approach of ST. LOUIS CASE make the perfect combination and provide the ingredients for designing and constructing cases ideal for all aspects of the industry – from the most common amp case, to the most personalized custom wardrobe or guitar vault.

We are proud of our heritage and where we came from, but are even more focused on the future and where we are headed – making dreams come true, one case at a time.

Our heritage is rich with famous names and organizations traveling and touring with BARRY CASE and ST. LOUIS CASE products the world over.  We have included some samples of our work below in a section we like to call THE VAULT.  Enjoy!!!